Vegetarian Brunch by Mallorcuina


Here we are back again to talk about our Vegetarian Brunch.

You just woke up in your beautifull villa. The first thing you do is jump in your swimming pool to start your day the best way, suddely you realize that you are very hungry but you are really not are up to a big meal. What about a brunch?

We could offer you a nice, fresh and healthy vegetarian brunch in you villa. Our brunch is made of: homemade jams, fresh bread, gluten free crackers, fresh cheese, fruit salad, dips, tabulee salad, green salad, mallorcan coca (mallorcan pastry with different toppings) and a cold soup like gazpacho. Of course and as always, all our dishes are made with local and seasonal products.

Get more information at: or calling us + 34 600 657 915.

Have a nice day!!!

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